General Information

Regular Meetings:  Check the calendar

 If there are changes to your meeting place they will be on the check before you leave!  Parents are expected to accompany their child/ren to their designated meeting place


If you are at Cedarwood Pond:  There is ABSOLUTELY NO parking on the side of the road, but angle park on the lawn, as per the owners request for use of their property!!! Please make sure your child's leader is there before leaving.  You are asked to come to the same meeting area to pick up your child.  There is no socializing in the owners driveway.  It is for drop off and pick up only.  


Parents are always welcome to visit, participate in, or watch any regular meeting or special activity.


All Scouts are required to arrive on time, dressed in full uniform, have their manuals, dues and any other things required for that meeting.


Dues are $1.00 per meeting.  This helps to pay for badges and other things needed for our meetings.


Knives are used at camps and activiites only under leader supervision (Timberwolves, Explorers and Sr. Explorers).  We encourage each scout to have their own knife, however, the final decision rests with the parents as whether a scout is responsible enough to carry their own knife.


Photos are taken at different activities by leaders.  We share these photos in several different ways in order to let the parents know what we do during camps and other activities we particapate in.  If for any reason you do no wish to allow your child to be photographed please make sure you fill out the waiver at registration.


Email addresses would be appreciated as it allows us to get information to you more quickly and with less paper.


Regular Participation is expected of all scout events to earn the privilege to attend the final camp out at a reduced rate,


Permission Slips are required for special events and camps.  We rely on the return of these permission slips one week prior to the event in order to properly plan required materials and food.


Neckers will be issued to all new scouts.  It is the responsibility of the scout to look after her/her necker.  The necker is to be worn at every Scouting event.


Uniforms are to be worn to all meetings and events (unless your leader says differently)


Replacement Badges, Neckers, Caps, Books, Uniforms - if a replacement item(s) are needed, please order using the uniform order form.  Some items may take several weeks to get.


Our website is check it for changes on the calendar and to view pictures of events.


Facebook -  In order to see our 'private group' you must become a member of Facebook and request to be friends with Williamsburg Bpsc.  If you are a member of our unit you will be given access to our private group.  Our Facebook administrator will link you upon making a request to be friends, and your registration forms are completed and paid for this year. Our private group name is 1st Williamsburg BPSC.


There are rules to this 'private group'.  There is absolutely NO TAGGING or SHARING with anyone.  Anyone doing this WILL BE DELETED FROM OUR 'PRIVATE PAGE'.  This page was set up so that we could comment on pictures and give us leaders feedback.  Please keep all comments clean and respectful.  Any disrespectful comments will become an automatic Delete from our group.  When you leave 1st Williamsburg BPSC you will be deleted access to this page.  This is something new...let's let it work!!!  It is great to hear what others think of what your child/ren hava accomplished!!!


If you have any further questions use the contact button below, and your message will be forwarded to the leader it pertains to!!!


Welcome to 1st Williamsburg BPSC!!!!!

Up-Coming Events

 Please check the

calendar above for

more details.

Thursday, Nov 10 2020

Remembrance Day


7:00 - 7:30

Morrisburg Waterfront Park