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Bonnie Omond

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Harold Jansen



Cheryl Fluke



Daryl McCormick

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Scouter Lisa


Lisa Vreman

Scouter Chris



Chris Wouters

Scouter Colin


Colin French

Scouter Angie


Angie Pemberton



Sr. Explorer Leaders

Scouter Stephanie


Stephanie Lough

Scouter Stacey


Stacey Piticco

Scouter Colin


Colin French

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Thursday, Sept 20 2018

Registration Night


Williamsburg CRC at 6:45 pm - 8:00pm.


This is not a drop off meeting.  Registration forms can be found on the Registration Tab.  Uniform costs for new and returning Scouts will be posted hopefully by the 17th, we are awaiting costs of uniforms.  Thank you all.